Galvin Weddings

What style do you shoot?

We use a combination of photojournalism and commercial photography.  We are formerly trained in photojournalism so we are both able to capture those breathtaking moments.  Scott also has training in commercial portraiture to make your portraits pop utilizing his expertise in lighting and posing.


When I book with Galvin Weddings, who will my photographers be?

Scott and Erica. We don’t subcontract our work out to other photographers. 


How soon should I book my photographers?

The sooner the better.  We only take one wedding per day because we don’t subcontract our services out.  


The photos on your pages are stunning and great moments.  Did you really capture all of those yourself?

Yes, that is the benefit of having two photographers who work well together.  We can capture a lot more moments from your day than just one photographer.


How long does it take to get my photos back from the wedding?

Up to 45 days.


Why so long?

The majority of our time goes into editing.  It takes roughly 25 hours to properly edit an entire wedding and we want to make sure your images look their best when you receive them from us.


My uncle has a nice $500 camera that makes great pictures, so why should I hire a professional?

When you hire a professional you aren’t hiring them for a their camera.  You are hiring them for their unique and creative view on the wedding day.  We arrive to your day early and prepared.  We have shot many weddings so we know what to expect and how to act.  It’s not the camera that makes a great picture, it’s the photographer.  The camera is just a tool.


Ok, but why does it cost so much for a professional.

We use professional level photography equipment because it lasts longer and produces superior images.  We have our gear serviced yearly to ensure that it is still operating the way it was designed when it was created by the manufacturer.  In addition we have backup gear in the event that there is an equipment malfunction while shooting.


How much time will you spend at my wedding?

That is up to you.  Our prices include up to 10 hours of wedding day coverage, but you can always ask for more or less time.